• Cable fire retardant coating

    Cable fire retardant coating

    The CDDT-AA type cable fire retardant coating is a new type of fire retardant coating developed by our company according to the standards of the GA181-1998 Ministry of public security. The product is made up of all kinds of fire-retardant, plasticizer and so on. It is the advanced water and electricity cable in the country.This product can produce uniform and dense sponge foam insulation when it is heated. It can effectively inhibit and block the spread and spread of the flame, and protect the wires and cables. Its main advantages are: environmental protection, no pollution, non-toxic and tasteless, no threat to the health of the coating personnel. This product also has the characteristics of thin coating, strong adhesion, good flexibility, and good insulation and anti-corrosion functions.
  • Fire barrier

    Fire barrier

    Dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier is also called fire barrier or non combustible fire retardant plate. This board is made of a variety of non combustible materials by scientific deployment and pressing. It has good flame retardant performance, non combustion time of more than 3 hours in case of fire, high mechanical strength, non explosion, water and oil resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic and other characteristics. In the combustion test of dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier, the best flame temperature is 1000 ℃ without deformation, all indexes meet the requirements of gb23864-2009, and the combustion performance reaches the a (incombustibility) standard specified in GB / t2408-2008. Dc-a1-cd04 inorganic fire barrier is mainly applicable to the fire protection and fire separation of cables of various voltage levels when laying on the bracket or bridge It is used in the cable engineering of power plants, chemical enterprises, iron and steel smelting enterprises, mines and other cable intensive places in China.
  • Flexible organic plugging material of intumescent fireproof sealant

    Flexible organic plugging material of intumescent fireproof sealant

    Fire clay is also called organic fireproof plugging material, which can be divided into bag and box. The material is mainly used for plugging the holes of wires and cables to prevent the fire of wires and cables from spreading from holes to adjacent rooms and reduce fire losses. It has the functions of smoke prevention, fire prevention and dust prevention. Therefore, the plugging material is widely used in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding power, post and telecommunications, substation, metallurgy and other system engineering.
  • Fire retardant tape

    Fire retardant tape

    This product is suitable for the fire prevention of power and communication cables, which is of great significance for eliminating hidden dangers, ensuring the normal operation of power transmission and distribution lines and communication lines. The self-adhesive fireproof tape produced by our company is a new type of fire-retardant product for power and communication cables. It has the advantages of fire-retardant and fireproof performance, self-adhesive and operability. It is non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free in use, and does not affect the current carrying capacity of the cable in the operation of the cable. Because the self-adhesive fireproof tape is used to wrap on the surface of cable sheath, when a fire occurs, it can quickly form a carbonized layer with oxygen resistance and heat insulation, which effectively prevents the cable from burning.
  • Inorganic fireproof plugging material

    Inorganic fireproof plugging material

    Inorganic fireproof plugging material, also known as quick setting fireproof material.
    It is usually called quick setting fireproof material
  • Fire retardant bag

    Fire retardant bag

    Db-a3-cd01 fire-retardant bag is a new type of fire-proof supporting refractory developed by Weicheng company according to the new national standard of gb23864-2009 (fireproof plugging material). The shape of db-a3-cd01 fire-retardant bag is like a small pillow, the outer layer is made of treated glass fiber cloth, and the interior is filled with a mixture of inorganic non combustible materials and special additives. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-free, water-resistant, oil-resistant, Hygrothermal resistant, freeze-thaw cycle resistant and good expansion characteristics. It can be disassembled and reused at will. It can be made into various shapes of firewall and fireproof layer according to different requirements of users, and also can be used to plug holes requiring fire-proof treatment. When encountering fire, the materials in the fire-retardant package are heated and expanded to form a honeycomb block, forming a tight sealing layer to achieve fire prevention and heat insulation, and effectively control the fire within the local range. When the plugging thickness reaches 240mm, the fire resistance limit can reach more than 180min.
  • Fire stop module

    Fire stop module

    Dm-a3-cd05 fire retardant module is made of advanced non-toxic fire retardant expansion material and special process. It is mainly used in the fire-proof plugging of wires, cables and electrical appliances in electric power, communication, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries.
  • Explosion proof mastic

    Explosion proof mastic

    This product is a kind of deep black, solvent-free (tasteless), environmental protection, harmless to human body, irregular appearance of mucilage. It is widely used in national defense and oil, Chemical industry, gas station, substation, hazardous warehouse and other explosion hazardous places, as display tube or cable wiring workers
    It is used for explosion-proof isolation and sealing. It can be used for wrapping wire, joint, cable, pipe, ground wire, etc. to prevent fire.
  • Fire blanket

    Fire blanket

    This product is easy to carry, simple configuration, can be used quickly, and is green environmental protection, is the choice of fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency handling. "It's better to never use it than not to have it for a while.".
  • Fire retardant cloth

    Fire retardant cloth

    Fireproof cloth is mainly made of fireproof and non combustible fiber, which is processed by special process. Main features: non combustible, high temperature resistant (550-1100 degrees), compact structure, no irritation, soft and tough texture, easy to wrap up uneven objects and equipment. The fireproof cloth can protect objects from hot spots and spark areas, and prevent or isolate combustion completely.
  • Fireproof tarpaulin

    Fireproof tarpaulin

    Fireproof tarpaulin is made of high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion and high-strength glass fiber cloth, which is calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber. It is a new composite material product with high performance and multi-purpose.
  • Smoke curtain wall cloth

    Smoke curtain wall cloth

    Main use of smoke curtain wall cloth:

    a. Electrical insulation: the smoke curtain wall cloth has high electrical insulation grade, can withstand high voltage load, and can be made into insulating cloth, sleeve and other products.

    b. non-metal compensator: silicon rubber cloth can be used as a flexible connection device for pipes. It can solve the damage caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the silicone cloth has high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging performance, flexibility and flexibility. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, energy source and other fields.
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